The Best Way to Lose Weight with Wing Chun Birmingham

There are just as many reasons to lose weight as there are methods of losing weight, but experience shows that Wing Chun Kung Fu Birmingham offers one of the most practical and reliable ways of losing weight. And the best part is that no crash diets are involved.

Nutritionists and medical practitioners will tell you that the best way to lose weight is gradually a in a way that is comfortable for you. Suddenly changing the way you eat, altering every aspect of your lifestyle, and becoming instantly “healthy” is a sure way to fall at the first hurdle.

What you need to appreciate is that if you’ve gained weight over a period of time you aren’t going to lose it in minutes. More importantly, your body and mind need time to adapt and develop an understanding of the “new normal”. Look at it this way – if you’ve lived a sedentary life for 10 years eating 5000 calories a day, how are you going to feel suddenly exercising twice a day and eating just 1000 calories?

If nothing else, it will be entirely unsustainable. You won’t keep up with the exercise programme, and you will be snacking within 24 hours.

The Best Way to Lose Weight Naturally

You might have heard that the food you eat accounts for 80% of your weight loss, and this can be true. Holland and Barrett weight loss products can help you shed pounds, the Huel weight loss programme can get you in the extreme weight loss zone, and you can lose face fat and lose stomach fat quickly.

But how sustainable is it? Weight loss is fine if the weight stays off – if you stop with the supplements and Huel and so on, how soon will it be before the weight comes back, and more besides?

What you need is a complete lifestyle change. You can lose belly fat with liposuction, but that does absolutely nothing for your health. A weight loss diet is only effective while you stick to it. You need to have a radical shift in your way of thinking.

Some believe the best way to lose weight is some form of weight loss exercise, and this is true to a great extent. But again, on its own, it isn’t enough. Neither is joining a health club. Some find the solution to be fat burning tablets, but there’s a better way than that too.

Whole Mind and Body Exercise

Eventually, people look to eating a more natural diet with plenty of vegetables and nutrients. Some cut out meat, but that’s not a necessity – but what works well for most people is eating a plate of food that is recognisable. If the food on your plate could be identified by your grandparents, you are on the right track – but if your meal is a replacement along the lines of Huel, you might want to think again.

Tied in with this decisive choice to eat real food is a need to get your body working as you want it to. Yoga is often the first method that people try and experience some success with. The twisting and turning, holding shapes, strengthening your body and improving the flow of energy through the body enhances health. Muscles build up, fat drops off, and the mind is calmed.

It is less common to think of martial arts in this way. In fact, many martial arts don’t promote calmness of mind, but Wing Chun Kung Fu is different. Wing Chun is all about flowing, calmness, being relaxed. Switching from one position to another, being flexible enough to give and take, having a clear mind to be able to decide what to do next.

Wing Chun Birmingham classes provide a great opportunity for weight loss exercise in a low-impact way, but just like yoga cause you to turn your body in different ways, increasing your ability to balance, building your core strength, and calming your racing mind.

Weight loss drinks and running for weight loss can help you drop pounds, but nothing helps with weight loss and your overall well-being as much as mental peace. Stress can cause weight to be retained, and stress can cause people to overeat, so a relaxed stress-free mind will help you to lose weight. Coupled with the exercise from Wing Chun training you’ll begin to experience health like never before.

Better Than Yoga for Weight Loss

The effects the Wing Chun Birmingham students experience are greater than those who choose to pursue yoga for many reasons. As well as those listed above, Wing Chun is a form of self defence, so participating in classes helps you to develop a skill that is useful in your life outside of your weight loss journey.

Fat burning exercise, greater mental clarity and health, increased fitness, and a stronger and more flexible body will help you increase in self-confidence, but the ability to protect yourself as well while working to lose weight will make you feel even better.

If you’ve been looking for the best way to lose weight and still haven’t found it, try Wing Chun Birmingham Kung Fu classes to get better results that last than any fat loss diet can offer.